Mar Grandioso Real-Estate And Construction Corporation,Angola

Mar Grandioso Real-Estate and Construction Corporation, Angola was registered in 2009 with 70% controlling stake held by China Dreal Group, the residual 30% of which is co-held by local partners and other private partners.


Mar Grandioso Real-Estate is the biggest real estate developing company in present Angola as well as the whole western African area, owning a construction qualification of eighth level which is the highest level approved by Angolan government. It owns a land reserve of nearly 270 hectares (about 4000 Mu), with a total employee number of over 1500 for professional building design, management and construction team (wherein the number of local employees is about 900). The Rose Garden and the Austin projects developed by it are the comprehensive commercial real estate projects with most influence, largest scale and highest grade in Angola.



Rose Garden, covering an area of 156 hectares and with a planning construction area of 1.1 million square meters, will build over 7000 houses with a predicted total investment of $ 1.7 billion. Rose Garden of Mar Grandioso Real-Estate is the first facility for municipal administration supporting, commercial supporting and life supporting; as well as a modernized comprehensive residential district of the top grade fully equipped with medical, educational, entertainment, security facilities. Its main architectures including detached villa, semi-detached villa, townhouse, multi-storey flat, a large scale commercial centre of 20 thousand square meters and a commercial walking street of 14 thousand square meters, which will be divided into four periods to be completely finished in five years.


Rose Garden project was prepared to construction in Dec. 2009, starting construction in Feb. 2010, officially opening for sale on Mar. 19, 2011 and successively starting to be put into service since June, 2011. Currently the constructing and construction completed area is over 250 thousand square meters (the statistical data in Sep. 2012).


Austin Garden is the second investment and development project succeeded

Rose Garden in Mar Grandioso Real-Estate, which was official opening for

sale on Apr. 26, 2012. The garden is located in the central area of

CAMAMA which is the key investment of the government, covering a

total area of 42hectares and with a planning construction area of 230 

thousand square meters to build over 2000 houses with a predicted

total investment of $ 300 million. The developing products of the project

include detached villa,semi-detached villa, townhouse, multi-storey flat

and a commercial walking street. The garden adopts open management

mode to provide warm and cozy houses for 6000 people after




Currently the constructing and construction completed area of Rose

Garden is over 80 thousand square meters (the statistical data in

Sep. 2012). Austin project becomes the most favorite real estate

choice for Angola elite management echelons and white collar

customers as a result of its reasonable and perfect design,

delicate modern decoration style, reasonable price and

advanced management concept.


Sichuan Dreal Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Dreal Real Estate Company Limited, which was established in 2003, is the origin of China Dreal Group. The company focuses on the development of Nanchong and surrounding areas in Chinese mainland Sichuan and bases on real estate development, integrating construction, building materials and investment into one and implementing diversified comprehensive management.



KingSun Regent , the city landmark building in Nanchong city, was developed and constructed by Sichuan Dreal Real Estate Co., Ltd. It is located in the most prosperous district of Nanchong, adjoining the bank of the beautiful Jialing River, with honors obtained including:

2009 Top Ten Building Quality Gold Award of China Real Estate;
China High-Quality Branded Real Estate;
China Real Estate with High-quality Living Environment;
Sichuan Provincial City Landmark Branded Real Estate;
Sichuan Provincial Engineering with Excellent Structure, etc.


Mar Grandioso Real-Estate And Construction Corporation,Guinea

Mar Grandioso Real-Estate Development and Construction Corporation, Guinea, the subsidiary of China Dreal Group, was established in November 2012, focusing on the real estate investment and development & construction in Guinea area. The figure below is the office base of Mar Grandioso Real-Estate.



Mar Grandioso Real-Estate is going to develop and construct a comprehensive commercial-residential building project in Conakry, capital of Guinea. It owns the best seaside land of Conakry and is the first modernized real estate development and construction project in Guinea, being highly valued and concerned by Guinea government and society.



The projects covers a total site area of about 40 hectares (600 Mu), with a total building area of 725,190 square meters, including 31 detached villas and semi-detached villas, 90 multi-storey flats, 78 high-rise apartments, 26 office buildings, a five-star hotel of 24 floors, a shopping centre with an area of 40000 square meters and 8 supporting commercial buildings, as well as a school and a hospital. The project is predicted to officially start in the first half year of 2013, planning to be completed within 4 years.


Megopolis-Promoção Imobiliária e Construção,LDA

   Metropolis Real-Estate and Construction Corporation, Angola is registered in Angola in 2014. It is, after Mar Grandioso Real Estate and Construction Corporation, Angola, another independent subsidiary of China Dreal Group, enjoying a professional management team and an excellent architectural design and construction team. Currently it is mainly responsible for Taladona Royal Park Project (formerly International City Project) in the capital of Angola, which is one of the largest and best comprehensive commercial real estate projects containing diverse products of office, commerce, villa and apartment. The project is also regarded as a turning points of China Dreal Group’s strategic disposition that turning from large residential community to large commercial complex. 

   Talatona Royal Park locates in the famous brownstone district— Talatona, on the other side of Maxi Hypermarket. The project covers an area of 260,000 m2, planning a total construction area of 300,000 m2, in which of office building area is around 20,000 m2, and the area of villa, duplex villa and apartment is about 100,000 m2. The expected total investment reaches USD 600 million. 

   Royal Park Project is not only high-graded in hardware quality, but also perfect in surrounding infrastructure, in that well-known European department stores have settled nearby, and the traffic is very convenient. This area will be the new commercial center in Luanda. The project is scheduled to open in September 2014. It will be a high-end work place for Angolan enterprises and a comfortable residential community for elites. Royal Park would be a new benchmark in Angolan real estate industry.